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NovoCab Brand


NovoCab can be a city’s unique answer to the challenge of urban traffic. The environmentally friendly runabout is at once a reliable taxi, an attractive advertising medium, and a popular leisure vehicle. NovoCab combines a streamlined drive system, sophisticated engineering, modern design and special travelling comfort.

This CityCruiser is developed in cooperation with international designers and combines state-of-the-art technologies. It produces zero-emissions, is very easy to use, is roadworthy and metropolis-tested.

NovoCab goes major cities in many countries around the world such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and the UK.

NovoCab will give the ancient rickshaw a new meaning.



The modern road cruiser is an environmentally friendly transport system. This technology is under constant refinement — the latest cruiser leaves its Chinese ancestors far behind.

NovoCab combines innovation, fun, service and advertisement in exceptional style. Following the motto “Advertising in Motion”, NovoCab features an amazing approach towards extensive marketing and citywide promotion. At the same time, the in-demand bicycle-taxi service provides jobs for hundreds of athletic NovoCab drivers.

Basically, it should be preferred used on Bike Path, -Trials, – Lanes and Routes. The vehicles are always in motion, that they will neither stop at stations or taxi stands!!!

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